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Access Control

Expertise is just part of the equation. That's because a good "system" is a collection of different components that must be correctly integrated together into a whole..... installed and serviced properly......and programmed correctly to perform as you expect. Integrated Protection Services chooses what we consider to be the best available equipment in today's marketplace to meet the needs of our customers, and to ensure the reliable performance of their systems.

Integrated Protection Services' commercial protection systems include:

  • Access control (keyless entry) systems
  • Camera systems
  • Visitor entry (intercom and telephone entry) systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Security and emergency/panic alarm systems
  • Environmental monitoring systems for critical conditions in server rooms

Read more about these systems below.

Access Control (Keyless Entry) Systems

Access control systems are at the heart of our business. Almost 50% of our customers have some type of access control system to allow the right people to get inside the facility, or into the right area inside the facility, at the right time. Whether this is done by using standard proximity card readers, or smart-card readers, or keypads, or fingerprint (or other form of biometric) readers; whether authorized personnel carry an access card, a keyfob, use a code, or use their finger/hand/eye; whether the requirement is for one door or hundreds of doors; whether single site or multi-site; whether extensive system usage reports must be produced due to SEC or other requirements, or if there are no reporting requirements at all. We will customize a system to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Camera Systems

Camera systems can be incredible tools for information gathering, and are the fastest growing part of the security industry. The fastest growth is in the area of IP-based systems, where dramatic improvements in camera performance and system flexibility have occurred in recent years. For environments where there is a desire for high-performance, and where the desire for "let's add one more camera here" and "let's add another camera there" may occur, there is no substitute for the performance and flexibility which an IP-based camera system offers. That said, many small business environments who want cameras to simply provide general overview of their environment will find that their needs can be well satisfied with conventional (analog) camera systems, at very attractive budget points.

Visitor Entry (intercom and telephone entry) Systems

Systems to enable visitors to simply and effectively announce that they are "at the door and would like to come in" go hand-in-hand with access control systems which help our customers to keep their doors locked. When this is done for a multi-tenant office building, the system of choice will typically be a telephone entry system which enables any visitor to contact any tenant in the building. But if this is being done for an office tenant, an intercom system will typically be the system of choice. Intercoms can create a simple interface between a visitor at the entry door and the reception desk, or can involve multiple entry doors and dozens of interior points of contact. Intercom systems can be voice-based only, or can utilize voice communication plus a camera to enable office personnel to see and speak to the visitor before remotely unlocking the door for them. As with camera systems, the fastest growing part of this product segment is IP-based systems due to the improvements in performance and flexibility which these systems offer.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems can be simple systems to monitor a sprinkler system, or can be large enough to include thousands of initiating devices and notification appliances. They can utilize conventional fire alarm technology with fixed system capacities, or addressable technology with the scalability to take care of large buildings and campuses. Our design and operations team is capable of meeting any need from small commercial, to large commercial, to industrial environments, to schools and non-profit environments.

Security and Emergency/Panic Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems can meet a broad range of requirements. Many environments utilize intrusion detection systems to protect the facility while it is unoccupied. Many companies utilize emergency/panic switches for the protection of receptionists, HR personnel, key executives and other staff. In all cases,alarm monitoring services to provide prompt and efficient police department response is a standard part of our product/service offering.

Environmental Monitoring Systems for Critical Conditions in Server Rooms

Security alarm systems can also provide environmental monitoring of critical conditions that can cause major problems to IT managers and corporate environments if the conditions are not quickly detected. and repaired. These conditions include such things as: high-temperature, low-temperature, water leaks. Critical conditions can also include monitoring the of the status of backup UPS systems and generators. Alarm monitoring services which ensure that one of our operators reaches your key personnel day or night, rather than relying on automated email notifications which may not be seen promptly, can mean the difference between a small problem and a large/disruptive one.

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